Friday, August 27, 2010

Clover Leaf, Ardmore, Oklahoma!

Look where the blog world led me this past week!!!

View from Road...

I ran across this vintage store in a blog one day, called Clover Leaf, located in Ardmore, Oklahoma, exit 31B off 35W north. The pink bicycles out front are what caught my eye at first and then as I looked on I realized this was not just your average store! Everything PINK, every girls dream! friend Ann and I ventured to Oklahoma to check out this unique shopping experience! As you will see from the pictures below there is an array of items from clothing/shoes to collectibles and more! We looked and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! So ladies, if you want a fun girl trip, drive to Ardmore and check out Clover Leaf!!! It has been there for approximately 10 years and as you will see is more than anyone could expect! It has been featured in Country Living Magazine! The wall by the front door boast of a saying that I fell in love with..."Pink is not just a color, it's and attitude" Yea for PINK!!!

Front of Store... Entrance ...

Outside... Clover Leaf Time!