Friday, August 9, 2013

Blog Sweet Blog...I'm back!!!

I have missed blogging so much, Life has taken me on a whirlwind of change, but change is good right?   My change has been good!  Just going to catch you up a bit...I've taken a one bedroom townhome... downsized my booth at the antique mall, started a new office job  at Eagleridge Elementary...  I am the person you see when you walk in the doors!!!  GO EAGLES!!!    And want to tell YA'LL...I work as a hostess in the evenings and weekends at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Fort Worth, TX!  It's like our own little Ruth's family there...I spoil them all on Saturday nights usually with my Motherly baking skills!   I love it, they love it, one big happy RUTH family!!!  They get so happy to see what I've made them!   SWEET!!!   so...yes...I am working two jobs but with a carrot in front of the cart!  ( I will explain in another blog in time, but I have  a goal in mind for all this hard work!)   My granddaughters are 3 1/2 and are just the light of my life!!!  Growing so fast, they are my little princesses!!!  I love them royally!  I am trying to simplifying my life!!!  I feel like I rounding the corner and just waiting to see what's ahead!!!! 
So I want to show you my booth...trying to go mostly with white items...still lots I want to do to it...but I'm getting there's definately a work in progress!  So here ya go...   what do you think?
The Vintage Vine...

I finally found a table that I have been searching for ... to go with 4 duncan phyfe chairs that I had found and had for about 2 years, (UGH!) I painted them white, and made them a set!!!   Thanks to my friend and co-vender, she gave me  a lesson in shabby!!!  Thanks Gayla!!!  

                                                        Quite a transformation...
                                                                Ta ...da....
Loaded them up to the Antique Mall...

Now crossing my fingers, they sell!!!  ......

Hoping for a happy home for this sweet set!!!  Can't you just imagine setting down to this table out on the wrap around porch with a big thick rug under your feet and a beautiful wild flower bouquet picked from the field, your china cup and saucer with your favorite coffee, maybe some cinnamon toast and your I-Pad to read your favorite blogs on...while all the little birdies are singing good morning to you!   Yes, I know you are coming for this set!!!    (((Wink, Wink!))
Happy you!!!  So glad to be back... ;0)


Monday, November 26, 2012

He's making a list and checking it twice!!!

I was thrilled when I walked into the store to find this Santa and his list!!!  Made my day to see my name there...(Brenda) I needed that little fun excitement, I felt like a kid as if I had just found a package of mine that had been hidden away so I wouldn't find it!  I must admit butterflies were in my tummy and my face was lit with smiles!!!  Ho Ho Ho...tis the season!!! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg!

A BIG Happy Thanksgiving to All...from Texas!
Gobble Gobble Ya'll!!!   ;))

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lost and Found!

Ok...I feel like I've been an item in the lost and found box and now I've been claimed and found!  Feels good to be out of the BOX!!!  HA!   Life moves fast and sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all!  Getting back into more of a routine now that school has started and my substituting is making me get back on track!  No more summer break...loving this cooler weather and feeling some great posts coming soon!  On this note I ran across this cute little guy the other day...anyone remember  "Wooly Willy"?   I remember trying to drag a beard on his face, hair on his head and eyebrows, as a child!!!  (Really dating myself here I guess, but I love being 53!)    ;0)   Missed you ... Love to all...xoxo

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where does time GO?    I want to know...I want to write a children's book someday and title it WHERE DOES TIME GO? ... when I have the time!  HA!    I have been so caught up in working and moving to my little Townhome / Apartment...that I have neglected my antique booth and my blog!!!  So here I am to catch up just a little...and soon will be back in force...I love blogging and miss all of you!!!  But life has been calling so needless to say I had to answer!!!   I am moved into my new little haven and am loving it...will post pics soon...did not get to post my Round Top pics yet either...soooo behind!    My twin granddaughter's are TWO...taking Gymnastics and doing so well!!!  We are so blessed by them!!!  Life is moving fast and I hope to keep up and would love to get ahead if that is even possible? 
So with all this said...I am leaving you these little buttons...they both seemed very fitting as of can grab them from shabby blogs!


Hugs ...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Life changes...and Happy EASTER!!! ;))

MIA...missing in action...that has been me...sorry for the emptiness on my daughter-in-law recently made the decision to not post anymore pics and remove the old ones of the twins (my granddaughter's) on the internet for security purposes...sad to not post and share these pics with you all, but out of respect will comply to her request!  So just some little notes from time to time about them, will you find now!  

On another note...I have taken some steps to change my life and made some major decisions to reconstruct and better my life which has taken me away for a while, but I am back (somewhat) into the swing of things now and hope to plunge myself again into the world of blogging!  I love it so!!!  I have changed a relationship that I have been in for years now...not sure where it will go, which is scary, but self assuring in a sense, I have moved to my own Apt./Townhouse (Which I LOVE!) and have taken on a Hostess job where my Son works at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Fort Worth, TX ...something I probably would have never seen myself doing except my son works there and told me they needed someone and I LOVE IT!!!  I can work 23 hrs a week and get full benefits!!! (Happy Dance!) This is a upscale restuarant and the people there are a God send!!!  Incredible group to work with!!!  I am so blessed!!!  God works in mysterious ways sometimes!!!  It has worked out sooo well for me  in every way!!!  I am still substituting about 3-4 days a week as some days are looong to say the least!  But it is what works for my life right now!  All this said, is what allows me the time to do the things I love and still function in my life without holding down a 9-5 job!!!  I am in transition to finding myself and the life God intends for me and loving my booth and the antique world even more!   So sorry for the long message but just wanted to keep you up on my absence and my life!  I still have a few kinks to work out on my computer after the move ...but should be up and running again soon!   So stay posted and look for my post on my trip to ROUND TOP Antique Show in south Texas, last week!  I had sooo much fun and learned soo much!   I was invited to go with a friend Gayla Hart, from Vintageology, at LoneStar Antiques where we both have booths!!!  What a wonderful time we had!!!!  Gayla is wonderful and such a sweet and genuine person, I am so blessed to be her friend!   Can't wait to share all the pics and info with you!!!
Meantime...Easter has crept up on me and well....Happy Easter to all!!!    Hippity Hop Easter Is On It's Way!!!  Happy Days, Love to all...  Brenda

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Vintage Vine # 1959 Transformation... Ta Da...

It's been a long time coming...almost a year now in September!   I   F I N A L L Y remodeled my booth at Lonestar Antiques and Simplicities Tea Fort Worth...   What a relief, I worked 2 days straight...about 6 hour days and with help from my booth neighbor Pat at  MY TATTERED ELLEGANCE...which by the way is where I got the footboard to paint my sign on!!!  She has the matching one, in her booth!  Thanks Pat!!!    I recovered the walls in a burlap/upholstery material I got at a thrift store in Roanoke for 75% off...18 yards for $9!!!  Love this is where it began!   Burlap, Lace and Black tie bows!   I had a display unit that had two sliding glass doors and with the help of Tyler from the Antique Mall (THANK YOU TYLER!)  they were removed and repurposed for dividers in the middle of my booth!  What a transformation...BIG SIGH!   Take a look...



After the remodel!