Sunday, November 27, 2011

The elves have been busy...

HOHOHO...HOlidays are here!!! 
Let me begin by saying, I am very blessed and fortunate for family and friends!  I wanted to share a little of the work the elves have done around the house with some of my favorite decorations to spruce up the holiday's with!!!  Almost done...just a few more additions (like the patio outback...oh my!) and then to ENJOY the festivities! 

The elves started to work...

The mantle...inspired by my friend JoCarol at Bunnytrails...
and antique white 4 pane window from my friend LuAnn! 
Thanks Ladies!!!  ;0)

                    Fun, whimsical decorations...                                                                                                  

Old World Santa...                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                            Fun pillows...


I Believe!

Whimsical Tree...


Can't wait to fill these stockings...


Roundtree Snowman!!!

OH!    and ...another rescue followed me home today...
PRE-WAR is what was on the description!!! 
Love these furbabies!  Added to the collection!!!  
 It numbers 10 now!!!  ;0)

Hugs and Happy Holiday's!!! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Vintage Vine is be ready for Christmas!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I am thankful for so many things, Family, Friends and a year with my new Antique Booth!  I am all set up for Christmas in my booth, The Vintage Vine...#1959, (or as ready as I am going to be...ugh!) at the Antique Mall! Hope you will get to check it out in Lonestar Antiques, 5605 N. Denton Hwy., Fort Worth, TX 76148 ...(817) 503.0441.  Open   10-6 M-S, Sunday 12-6 pm.  I am still learning the ropes, hope to keep having fun with all the finds and passing them on to shoppers!!!  We have a pot luck dinner on Dec. 2nd with all the venders ...looking forward to that!  ;0)
I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our service troops!!!  I hope they have Turkey and Dressing wherever they are for Thanksgiving!!!  I know we take it all for granted and I just want to honor our troops and our tradition!   SALUTE!
Sharing a few pics of The Vintage Vine for the holidays!  ;0)   Enjoy your Thanksgiving and I have to say it...Gobble Gobble! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NoVeMbEr??? ReAlLy???

Tree's outside front yard...
Playful squirrel...

But then...the roses are trying to bloom...


My Tyler Roses didn't bloom all summer...dut to this...

So we didn't get to water appropriately!

and today the weather forcast...

DFW Texas  11:30 am
It's hard to believe it's November...This year has held many natural disaster's...from Fires, Tornados, Floods, Droughts, and even Earthquakes...makes you wonder???   ...all the more reason to celebrate this MONTH and BE I am sharing a few of my simple decorations around the house that make me "Happy" and get me into the Thanksgiving spirit!!!    



                                                  I love this sitting fabric Turkey...I've had him a lonnnngggg time! 

Kitchen Tabel Centerpiece....                                                                                    

                     Love these faceless Indian girls from Hobby Lobby!

Metal Turkey's sit in bathrooms... 

Roundtop Collection Country Crow... in the kitchen window!

Blessings ... to all!       xoxo


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our little Ballerinas...

My twin granddaughters showed up to my door as Ballerinas for Halloween!  I was all smiles, and they were precious in my sight!!!!   This is their second halloween.  They were little pumpkins last year!   I dressed up too...and here are the pics of our evening!  Fun times...


Good Witch Mimi

Sweet neighbors...Lauren and Parker!

Precious neighborhood trick or treater's!!!





 My first visit to the Hico Homestead Fair!!!  It is held twice a year, spring and fall.   It was awesome!!!  I hope to return...and maybe as a vendor!!!

This is the box of a shoe shiner, and this caption on his box caught on and now Hico has adopted the saying, it is on display at the Museum!

I met my long time friend (High School Days...) LuAnn and off we were! We stayed at the Inn at Circle T  in Hamilton, and drove about 20 mins. to Hico.  We had such fun and I was able to meet her friend JoCarol from Bunny Trails, who had a booth there as well!!! Jo Carol is precious! Her booth was awesome, so detailed and fun!!! Beautiful items, such finds!!! It was such a pleasure to meet and visit!!!
LuAnn and Brenda at Hico Fair!!!

Ghouls just having fun!!! ;0)
 Brenda, JoCarol, LuAnn, Emily and Sophie
(Emily is JoCarol's daughter and Sophie teaches w/Emily! 
these girls are precious! So nice to meet them!)

Entrance to Hico Fair...

Supporting Cancer Research...  Awesome!


Parking cone...look at this stenciling talent!!!
Dennis from Ruby Grace ...great job as always!!!

Mike, owner Homestead, JoCarol and Carol...dressed for October 31st!!! 

Hico Express...can you say "Antique"

Awesome Iron and Wood pieces!


Field of Deer in the "Hill" country!!!  there were about 12!!!!

The Hamilton, TX ~ This was an awesome store!  Glitz Glam and more!!!  A girls dream!  Sweet owner, Paulette McFadden, shop online @  or look it up next time you are in the area!!!  Paulette was  so friendly and enjoyable!  Beautiful merchandise!  Great prices too!!!!  Check it out!!!                               Shiny is fun!!!


Loved this Texas size where else...HICO!!!

I also re-visited the Hico Museum and made some donations from my great-grandparents documents and pictures that I had from items from their house in Meridian, TX.   Many things had HICO on them!  Sue and Jane do an awesome job in the Museum!  A must see on your next visit!  It felt so good to donate a part of history that would be preserved for years to come! 

I hope you've enjoyed a little re-cap of Hico, TX....Where Everybody Is Somebody!  Happy Trails...until next time!