Saturday, March 26, 2011

JAPAN...thoughts and prayers...

My thoughts are on Japan today, I think of how we take so much for granted!  I encourage you to think about your life and to appreciate so much we take for granted, as I see these people in devastation I can only pray for them and realize how fortunate we all are to be so well off not having gone through anything like this! 
Their lives changed so drastically in only a matter of minutes.
I just wanted to take a moment and say be thankful and pray for those less fortunate today than we are!
We are so blessed and we need to bless others.  I encourage you to take time and look at the website and maybe take a moment of prayer or silence for the people in Japan!    Much Love... 

Expressions of Love
How to tell someone you love them in Japanese
There are many ways to tell someone you love them in Japanese like in almost any language. In Japanese though, there are several words for love too. When English speakers first fall in love with Japanese people I think there is sometimes a communication problem regarding this issue. There are three popular ways to say I love you.
1 Suki desu!

2 Daisuki desu!

3 Ai shite iru.
In each of these phrases there is no subject or object. In other words, instead of saying "I love you" you simply say "love". While it is possible to add the subject and object to the sentence it is very typical to leave them out while speaking Japanese.
Another problem stems from the nuances in these phrases. The first roughly translates as "like", the second "big like" and the third "love" so of course the third would seem like the most romantic option. The fact is though that it doesn't really matter as they are only rough translations and we should realise that languages do not match exactly. So if your Japanese partner uses one of these phrases don't ponder on which is better, just feel happy that they love you.