Monday, March 12, 2012

The Vintage Vine # 1959 Transformation... Ta Da...

It's been a long time coming...almost a year now in September!   I   F I N A L L Y remodeled my booth at Lonestar Antiques and Simplicities Tea Fort Worth...   What a relief, I worked 2 days straight...about 6 hour days and with help from my booth neighbor Pat at  MY TATTERED ELLEGANCE...which by the way is where I got the footboard to paint my sign on!!!  She has the matching one, in her booth!  Thanks Pat!!!    I recovered the walls in a burlap/upholstery material I got at a thrift store in Roanoke for 75% off...18 yards for $9!!!  Love this is where it began!   Burlap, Lace and Black tie bows!   I had a display unit that had two sliding glass doors and with the help of Tyler from the Antique Mall (THANK YOU TYLER!)  they were removed and repurposed for dividers in the middle of my booth!  What a transformation...BIG SIGH!   Take a look...



After the remodel!