Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Vintage Vine...#1959 at Lonestar Antiques, 5605 N. Denton Hwy 377, Ft. Worth, Texas 76148 Check it out!!!

My little work in progress...I rented a space last Sept. at Lonestar Antiques and have been trying to learn the ropes!  I am not anywhere close to where I would like to be, but will share a little with you about my booth!  I do not have a sign up yet, but look for it soon!!!  THE VINTAGE VINE!  The Chairs to the left were a find as I found out they are Duncan Phyfe chairs, very vintage!  I have a little of it all right now...but hope to soon gear more toward furniture, windows and shutters to name a few things!
I attend auctions, estate sales, garage sales and thrift stores mostly to find my goods!  I am enjoying learning what works!
Today I made this vintage lamp shade and took pics along the way to show you!  It's really FUN!!!

Start with stripped lamp shade with wire body...

Add old lace from curtain or any material you may find!  Add leaf...

Add Vintage Silk Flower from a stemmed flower...and there you have it!  now to find a lamp...!!!  ;0)

Where do I begin...

The 4th of July has come and gone...REALLY??? I have to share my really Red Watermelon Pic...one of the best watermelons we've had and it came from Meridian, TX!

I went to Meridian, TX recently for a family matter...drove out to where my grandparents old farm was...Bosque County, and stumbled upon the most beautiful historic church...I am (of course) attaching pics! I love historical markers!!! I love antiques! I love being amongst it all!!! It just makes me happy to think of the history behind it all! ;0) THE ROCK CHURCH, CRANFILLS GAP...

The Rock Church in Cranfills Gap, TX

Church and cemetary to the right...

View into Church...

View from the Loft!

Looking up to the Loft at the organ!

Very Old Wood Burning Stove!

Clear running water in the creek!

It was so nice to be in the "Hill Country" again!!! For those who don't know, this is South of Fort Worth, Texas towards Waco...Austin area! Beautiful countryside!  You can click on pics to see them larger ...the historical post mentions it is registered in the national register for historical places.  Originated in 1886!  WOW!