Sunday, October 16, 2011


As I looked out my window this am, fall was expressing I just had to share!  Also sharing a few fall decorations around my house that I enjoy!!!  Love this time of year ya'll!!! ;0)                   (click on picks to see gallery)

Looking out my front window this am...signs of Fall!!! Beautiful weather, leaves falling, twigs on the sidewalk...quiet and peaceful Sunday morning!

Front Door ready for little trick or treaters!!!

Pumpkin time!

Don't text and FLY!!!!!!!

Entry table...

Pumpkins on the fireplace add a fall flair!

I love this twig pumpkin!

My house rules!  HA!

My grandmother gave me this antique table and I treasure it!!!

Fill up the candy dish!!!  Note to self!!!!

OH... I get tooo collectic..can't hep myself!!!

Love this cool cat!!!

My little countertop ghost mat!!!

Guest Bath Ghost!  BOO to you!


Another bath ghost!

Country Crows...

Just a little fall fun around the house!